About us

With a varied background, the team at Static Caravan Parks have quite a blend of experience both in the caravan park sector and in the field of digital marketing and design. Our main focus as a team is using modern technology to deliver good results for both our customers (park owners) and - more importantly - people using the websites that we operate. We all love having fantastic devices to find information but how often do you end up on a website that says it does one thing and ends up being another? 

This was definitely the case when we were looking at ways for potential staic holiday caravan owners to find their "perfect park"! There are, of course, options open to people, but they didn't scratch the itch and were often affiliated to a chain of parks or industry based directories. Our aim is to have everything a buyer needs all under one roof...

Step 1: Find your perfect park!

Our holiday park finder is designed with the potential buyer at the heart of the process - the most important aspect is where your caravan will be sited.

Step 2: Do your homework! - Buying guides and information about the process...

Given it's probably the most expensive purchase you'll make next to your house it's important to do your research - our detailed buying guides and step-by-step checklists will help you through the process.

Step 3: Sit back and relax. 

Time to enjoy. Of course there's still things to consider - maintenance, insurance, upkeep, pitch fees, the list goes on. Our information directory and resource center is the perfect place to continue to make the most of our services.

If you've got a question feel free to get in touch.